Fort littlegreen was established in 2009 as a safe haven for children while they were away from their parents. The beautiful location made it widely popular for many age groups.

FLG was started by Luke & Kate Dennis. Through the generosity of Dave & Claudia Anderson, who made their land available for the center, Fort littlegreen was established!

Located on 10 acres of diverse nature preserve, Fort littlegreen became a Youth Camp exclusively for grade schoolers. We offer Before/After school care, summer care, and days off of school, snow days, etc. There is a beautiful farmette to serve their educational needs.

Fort littlegreen Gardens Inc., was officially established in 2013 as a non-profit educational growing center dedicated to teaching the youth of the community the wonders of growing their own produce, small animal care, and preserving nature as a whole. Besides serving the children who attend FLG Youth Camp, FLG Gardens Inc., offers classes, and garden space for families, and information on agriculture.

Programs include:

Farm & Garden Science: Click on the icon for Fort littlegreen Gardens, Inc. for more information on our non-profit educational growing center. Kids at our center begin germinating seeds in the winter months and watch their transplants make their way from indoors, to greenhouse, to field planting, and harvesting. Our chicken coop is a perfect place to learn about the care of small animals and provides endless hours of entertainment.

Field trips: Some of our favorite nature-based field trips have been to The Madison Geology Museum, Century Farm Park for fishing, Viking Village for swimming, Lake Kegonsa State Park for picnicking and hiking, visiting local parks and more!

"Job-Duties:" In this program kids apply for a job they are interested in and are paid in virtual money to spend at the end of the summer in our FLG dollar store! It builds a great work ethic and real life experience, like how money doesn't grow on trees!

"Fort littlegreen Players:" Every summer we produce a play solely written by the kids of our center. Designing sets and costumes, kids learn all the aspects of production from auditions to the big show. Visit Youtube to see some of our most classic productions like, "Fort littlegreen Circus", and "The Mad Scientist and the Evil Robot!"

Food Drive: Each year, kids and their families donate non-perishable food items for the Stoughton Food Pantry. Anyone donating food gets to participate in a center-sponsored FOOD FIGHT! This event has run for more that 5 years and is a great experience to let loose and get messy! I think the adults have just as much fun as the kids!

Reading & Writing: Although our daily schedule is based in the outdoors we do understand the importance of keeping up on reading & writing skills throughout the summer. Fort littlegreen has a large library of age appropriate books for all reading levels. Kids are encouraged to read for 30 minutes and then write in a journal daily about their experiences, things they have learned, friends they have made etc. Its a great way to document a summer well-spent. A list of book titles kids read are recorded for parent's review.

Time Capsule: Each year, at the end of the summer, we open the time capsule form the year before. It contains notes and letters from previous students to the next year's group. We record what's fun for kids to do at "The Fort," and what is popular culturally, facts about themselves, and artwork. Things change so fast from one year to the next. It brings back great memories and allows new students to leave something behind for posterity!

Fall Festival: All students (whether enrolled in before/after-school or not) are invited back to celebrate our fall festivals which include great food, great music, and fun with your family. From, the wooded "secret hide-out" to our science stations around the grounds, you will look forward to our celebrations for years to come. Check our website periodically for announcements on any upcoming community events.

Art, Art and More Art!: With access to every type of art media, kids explore and learn by creating. Professionally-run art classes are built right into our program and include things like: Painting in the Garden, Still-Life Sketching, 3-D Art, Art from the Forest, Giant Splatter Poster Art and so much more. Whether you have a serious art student or a student who just loves to make things messy, we find the inner artist inside everyone.

Nature Walks: With over 4 acres of woods and many different nature trails there is a lot to discover here. With two "secret hide-out" locations, the kids get to spend countless hours of the summer making their own personal place in the forest to play with friends, relax, discover and build what is truly their own little world. The near-by frog pond makes for a great science resource. My what big frogs and toads we have found!


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